If you’ve found this page it is likely you are considering buying a new mandolin. My hope is that you will find the mandolins I build of interest, and be attracted by their qualities and the knowledge that each one is built using traditional tools, materials, and techniques.

I have been working on fretted instruments for over 30 years, and built my first mandolin in 2010. Since then I have designed my own range of hand built electric mandolins that I call the Woodland Range. These instruments are intended primarily for players who need to amplify their instrument, whilst wanting to avoid the feedback issues that often plague acoustic instruments. They are designed to produce a clean, bright, balanced sound, suitable for traditional music like folk, blues, and country. However, the high quality, custom pickup also opens up a world of possibilities for sound experimentation if the mood takes you!

I do also make acoustic mandolins when time allows. They will appear for sale on this website when available. I make all my instruments by hand from start to finish, with an emphasis on traditional hand tools whenever practical. The result is a low output, but an attention to detail that is not possible with mass-produced instruments. Please check my Hand Built Mandolins page for currently available models, or contact me with any questions.