Launde from the Woodland Range (1/2)

£749.00 (Sold)

Body MaterialSolid Sapele Mahogany
Neck MaterialSolid Sapele Mahogany
Body BindingRosewood
Headstock VeneerRosewood
Logo InlayAbalone Shell (hand cut)
Dot MarkersAbalone Shell
FingerboardRosewood (21 frets)
NutBone (hand carved)
BridgeRosewood/Bone (hand carved)
Vol/Tone ControlsGibson-style 1-10 (gold)
Machine HeadsRatio 1:14, Gold Plated
PickupYates Custom* (hand wound single coil)
Scale Length352.4mm / 13.875″
Width at Nut31mm
Width at 12th (body) Fret40mm
StringsD’Addario EJ67 (11, 14, 25, 39)
* Yates custom pickups use graduated neodymium magnets to address the inherent imbalance in mandolin family instruments across the string courses (‘e’ usually being weak). Adjustable pole pieces are also included for fine balance adjustments. The pickups are scatter wound to reduce capacitance and loss of high frequencies.

You can check out the sound of the Launde electric mandolin in the video clips below. The video is captured directly into an iPhone, with no sound processing, so it is quite raw, but hopefully gives a general sense of the sound characteristics. Please contact me if you would like to arrange to try it for yourself.