I appreciate the variety of needs musicians have means a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach rarely works. So, I prefer to work on an individual basis to identify your specific requirements. After we’ve taken a look at your instrument together, I can provide you with a no obligation quote. Below are a few guide prices for more standard work.

Guitar & Mandolin ServicesPrice
Instrument restringingfrom £7 (+ strings)*
Standard Set Up:
Inc. adjustment of neck relief, nut and saddle height, fixing of loose frets, etc.
£35 (+ strings)*
Advanced Set Up:
Standard Set Up, plus fret levelling, dressing and polishing, cleaning and conditioning of fretboard.
£55 (+ strings)*
Replacement Saddle or Nut:
Hand carved from high quality bone.
from £30
Installation of pickups, pots, switches, etc.from £20 (+ parts)
Free quotations for other upgrade and repair work on request.£24/hour
Click here for Hand Built Mandolins.
* An additional £10 charge applies for electric guitars with floating bridge systems.